Very Cheap Car Insurance

Many people resent the cost of car insurance premiums, especially if they have never had an accident or claim. The cost of damages from a single accident can exceed the total cost of insurance premiums for several years. Car insurance saves many drivers thousands of dollars in the event of an accident, and it is required by law in the U.S. Luckily, almost all drivers can find very cheap car insurance by following a few tips.

Defensive Driver Discounts

Every driver can take advantage of this discount which can save up to 10% on insurance premiums for up to three years. Defensive driving courses take about eight hours to complete, can be taken online and cost about $30. Some states require insurance companies to provide this discount but most insurers offer it voluntarily. The average U.S. auto policy is $1200 per year so this discount can save the average driver $360. Taking the course every three years renews the discount.

Safe Driver Discounts

Potentially available to everyone, the safe driver discount usually requires that a driver have no accidents of traffic violations on his or her driving record for 3 to 5 years. Some insurers offer a shortcut to young drivers with a device that records driving habits. If the device indicates the driver uses safe driving habits, he or she may be eligible for the discount even if they do not have a previous driving record.

Driving the Right Car

Insurance companies charge different rates for different cars based on the likelihood of certain models being involved in an accident and the cost to repair the vehicle if it should be damaged. Crossovers, SUVs, and 4 door sedans in the mid price range usually cost less to insure than other vehicles. Lists of models that have very cheap car insurance rates are available online for drivers planning to replace a car.

Membership May Offer Discounts

Some organizations and associations negotiate discounts for their members with car insurance companies. These groups include trade unions, auto clubs, retirement associations, fraternities and sororities, credit unions and credit card companies, even the Eagle Scouts and the Girl Scouts of America. Members should check with their organizations and credit card companies to see if they may be eligible for discounts on very cheap car insurance.

Comparison Shopping For Auto Insurance

Any driver can take a few minutes to compare the rates of different car insurance companies. There are websites that offer free instant car insurance quotes from several different insurance companies. It only takes a minute to compare the rates of various insurers to find really cheap car insurance. Most insurance companies will also give free auto insurance quotes by telephone so all drivers can compare rates to get the most affordable insurance.

Everyone can get very cheap car insurance if they take the time to find out about discounts and to compare the rates of insurance carriers. Even cheap auto insurance for teenagers is an option. It takes more time to clip grocery coupons than it does to find discounts on the internet and checking quotes.

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