Auto Insurance Rates

While many insurance companies offer mandatory minimum limits coverage, there may be wide variations in the premiums charged by the different carriers. If drivers compare auto insurance rates from different insurers, they can find the best coverages at the most affordable prices. When comparing auto insurance quotes, consider whether insurance companies offer discounts which may save even more on insurance premiums

Check Before Switching Insurance Companies

Although some insurance quotes may be less than a driver is currently paying, he or she should check with their current insurance company to find out if there are any discounts for which they may be eligible. Discounts can lower auto insurance rates and may make the current insurer competitive with other companies’ prices. Consumers should also check with other carriers for discounts before deciding which company offers the best deal for affordable auto insurance.

Get Rates for Different Coverages

Not every driver should carry mandatory minimum limits insurance coverage. Some drivers have assets to protect and need additional coverage for liability and many must carry collision and comprehensive coverage. Compare auto insurance rates for different policy limits and deductibles to find the best protection at the most affordable prices. Drivers who belong to auto clubs should drop roadside assistance coverage if the service is offered through their membership.

Group Insurance Discounts

Union members, military personnel and state employees may be eligible for special rates through insurance companies that specialize in auto coverage for these groups. Other associations and organizations negotiate special rates for their members with particular insurance companies. Fire fighters and police officers may also qualify for discounted rates. You can get cheap auto insurance for teenagers by simply adding the teenagers to your plan. Drivers should check to see if they are eligible for special discounted rates through their association membership or occupation.

Always Compare Rates of Different Companies

Even if a driver is eligible for discounts, he or she may not be getting the lowest auto insurance rates. Drivers should compare auto insurance rates and coverages offered by a number of companies, to find the most affordable insurance. Companies that specialize in mandatory minimum limits coverage often have low rates for good drivers, but consumers should be sure that mandatory minimum limits is enough coverage to protect their assets in the event of a claim.

Buying a New Vehicle

There is a difference in the auto insurance rates charged for different types of vehicles. Drivers can save money if they compare auto insurance rates for different cars before they make their purchase. Generally, family autos like minivans are the least expensive to insure while luxury cars have the highest premium rates. Comparing the rates for different cars can help consumers save money over the all the years they own the vehicle.

Fast, free insurance quotes from multiple carriers can help consumers find affordable auto insurance in the shortest time possible. Comparing the cost of different policy limits and coverages can also help drivers find cheaper insurance. There are many factors that impact insurance premiums and by using free quotes to compare auto insurance rates drivers can locate the best insurance coverage at the best possible price.