Although scouting for a good company that lives up to its reputation and advertising message will take some work, in the long run it is well worth the time and effort. It is important to thoroughly scrutinize the reviews and feedback of a company before approaching them for a policy. Fortunately for the consumers, some companies have consistently maintained and upheld the best industry service standards.

Amica Mutual

The company has been ranked in the top spot by leading market analysts JD Powers and Associates. Insurance firms are ranked on five different criteria to ascertain their commitment to quality and service which includes overall satisfaction, price, policy offerings, billing and payments and contact with the insurer. A lot of clients complain of being treated mechanically by their insurance providers; however, Amica has managed to infuse a personal touch in their service by training their employees to treat every client as an individual. Apart from this, the company’s products are reasonably priced and they have a good record of claim payment.

Geico and ESurance

Do not let the firm’s unusual name fool you, the Geico’s are no cavemen and they do mean business. The company is known to offer superlative service. In fact, the company’s exceptionally large base of consumers makes it possible for them to offer the best rates to existing and new clients with truly low premiums. ESurance is another popular name in the insurance sector; the hot cartoon girls in their ads make the company hard to miss and forget. However, behind this light hearted advertising is a company that is strict about offering the best customer service and support in the industry.

USAA Auto Insurance

The United States Automobile Association or USAA is a well known body that offers a range of services including auto insurance. Auto coverage products from the establishment have been very well received by consumers across the country and have earned excellent ratings from most reliable automobile publications. Unfortunately, not everybody can avail the benefits of a USAA policy since it’s only open to former military personnel and their families. However, the fantastic feedback on this company will certainly make you consider joining the armed forces.

American Family Auto Insurance

The name says it all; although smaller than some of the other major player in the insurance market, in terms of their service and product quality, American Family is second to none. The company aims to please with their easy application procedure, commendable support, quick claim payments, affordable product prices and reliable dealings. This has earned the firm fabulous reviews from most industry watchers. Unfortunately, the company does not have a nationwide presence; in fact, they only offer their services in 19 states. However, if you are in a state served by this company, there is no cause to look beyond the firm when shopping for car insurance.

Liberty Mutual and AAA

An old and eminent member of the insurance industry, Liberty Mutual is a conservative but an extremely reliable firm that prides itself in its reputation. The old world way of doing business that is still followed by the firm guarantees a personal touch and competitive pricing with little waiting when it comes to claim payments. Tripe AAA is a name that most motorists across the United States have heard; however, few know that they also offer insurance products. In fact, their auto insurance is excellent in terms of pricing, service and claim payment.

These were just some of the reliable and reputable providers in the insurance market today. With a little bit of research and by getting cheap car insurance rates from multiple vendors, it is possible to find a company that will best suit the coverage needs of the buyer and his/her budget.

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