So i am pretty new to the whole world of RC (remote control) airplanes and cars. I was introduced a little over a year ago by my now husband who is OBSESSED with anything remote controlled. He has airplanes, cars, and even boats. And yes, he has multiples of each. But i have found them to be a really fun hobby. My husband and a few of his friends have gotten into it (yes i know, its a little nerdy) but they LOVE it and spend a lot of time working on their planes and cars and going out together

If you have never seen any of these in motion, you will be suprised to know that many people have gotten on the band wagon and that remote controlled vehicles are getting very popular. It’s a hobby that anyone can do. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Almost anyone can participate. It doesn’t take a lot of body effort, because you are just standing with a remote controller, so it is especially good for those who can’t do a lot of sports or aren’t very coordinated. Although people who like sports still enjoy it.

If you have seen them and are comtemplating getting one i have a few tips to make your experience a good one.

If you are a beginner and have never gotten anything remote controlled before, i would suggest getting a remote control car before getting a plane. They are really fun, you can drive them around the house, your yard, or take it to the park. You can also get certain cars that go up to 60+ mph. The reason i suggest getting a car first is that it is easier to drive and you need to get used to driving it before you get a plane. Flying an airplane can be very difficult, and if you have never opperated anything remote controlled it will be much harder to fly a plane than driving a car.

If you feel comfortable and ready to get an airplane, i would suggest first getting a very simple plane that is easy to fly. My husband actually got me a beginner airplane and it was good for me to try out. It is called the FireBird and is a simple easier airplane to fly because it has less controls for you to think about. It worked fine for me, but i would suggest also getting a plane that is durable. I can’t even remember how many times i have crashed my plane and had to get new parts and fix it. If you don’t want to hassle with getting your plane fixed as much, i would suggest getting something that is a lot more durable and if you crash, it won’t break entirely. At you can look at the Albatross and Pelican Slow Flyers. They range from around $50 dolllars to $75 and are a lot more durable than other plans around. They are specifically made for beginners and are much easier to fly and are designed to crash less and if they do crash, they don’t break as easy.

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