Get Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Today!

Insurance rates are based, in part, on the risk that a driver will be involved in an accident and drivers under twenty five are involved in more accidents than drivers in other age groups. There are some ways to get cheap car insurance for young drivers like taking advantage of discounts and comparison shopping.

Young Drivers on a Parent’s Auto Policy

Young drivers who are full time students or members of the military may remain on their parents’ policy if the parents’ home is their permanent address. Parents often receive customer loyalty and multi car discounts which reduce the cost of a young driver’s car insurance. In order to stay on the policy, the driver either must reside in the home or at a temporary address like a college or military base. This is the simplest way to get cheap car insurance for young people.

Good Student Discounts

Drivers under twenty one who are full time students and maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0 are usually eligible for good student discounts. These discounts are offered by most auto insurance companies but the amount of the discount may vary. Checking with several companies about the amount of their good student discount may net savings on car insurance for young drivers. If a student’s GPA drops or they leave school, they will lose the discount.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

It is important that young drivers maintain a driving record free from accidents and moving violations. A single traffic violation can raise the cost of insurance premiums for up to three years. It may also disqualify teenage car insurance discounts, raising the insurance rates even higher. Some states forgive the first traffic citation if the driver takes an approved safety course and this is a good way for young drivers to keep their rates lower.

Driver Education and Defensive Driving Courses

Most parents and students are aware that insurers offer discounts to high school students who complete a driver education course. If the high school doesn’t offer the course, insurance companies offer the same discount for a private course. Drivers of any age can take advantage of discounts for defensive driving courses. These discounts are required by some states, but most car insurers offer them voluntarily. Defensive driving discounts help get cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Comparison Shopping

The internet has made comparison shopping for auto insurance quick and simple. Many websites offer free multiple car insurance quotes so consumers may check the rates of various companies. Comparing the rates of different insurance companies can help get cheap car insurance for young drivers. Discounts may not be reflected in these quotes, so its a good idea to check with individual companies about the types and amounts of discounts they offer before purchasing a policy.

The auto insurance marketplace is highly competitive and by comparing rates and discounts offered by different insurers it is possible to find cheap car insurance for young drivers. Spending a little time on the internet can result in hundreds of dollars in savings on auto insurance policies.

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