Alaska is the biggest state in the Union. Admitted as the 49th state in 1959, it is known for its oil, gold, and vast stretches of pristine wilderness, and is home to around 700,000 people. This state has its own unique challenges and issues for drivers, and the cost of auto insurance is one of those. Here is some information about driving and getting cheap car insurance in Alaska.

Alaska Driving Hazards

Driving in Alaska can be hazardous, given the climate. During the winter, roads are often covered in ice and snow. Blizzards can come up quickly, causing whiteout conditions that can lead to accidents and becoming stranded. Long winter nights can mean poor visibility, and drivers must exercise caution against animal hazards, too: moose, bear and various species of deer have been known to cause serious vehicle damage. Having car insurance in Alaska is an absolute must, beyond the legal responsibility: you can’t afford not to!

Insurance Minimums

Like the majority of other states, Alaska requires its drivers to carry liability auto insurance. Liability auto insurance is the absolute basic car insurance to have. It does not pay for repairs or medical costs associated with the insured driver in case of an accident. Instead, it covers the other vehicle and its driver and/or passengers if the insured driver is deemed as at-fault in an accident. Alaska drivers are expected to carry 50/100/25 auto liability insurance. This translates into a maximum of:

  • $50,000 in Bodily Injury Coverage. An individual injured in an accident where the insured driver is deemed as at-fault will receive a maximum of $50,000 in bodily injury payouts for medical bills/costs associated with the accident.
  • $100,000 in Total Bodily Injury Coverage. Regardless of how many victims are injured, the insurance company will only pay out $100,000 in medical costs.
  • $25,000 Property Damage Coverage. If the driver only carries the minimum, the insurance company will pay out a maximum of $25,000 in property damage costs for the other vehicle.

Alaska drivers should carry more than the minimum requirement, because any repair or medical costs over the minimums would be their responsibility out-of-pocket. If you do not have insurance and get pulled over or cause an accident, you will be fined. You could lose your license after multiple infractions. Let us help you get the best cheap car insurance in Alaska.

Other Types of Insurance

Alaska does not require any other forms of insurance besides basic liability coverage. If your vehicle is financed, you must keep collision and comprehensive coverage on it as well. Additionally, considering the large number of road and driving hazards that Alaskans face, it is a good idea to have full coverage anyway. These forms of insurance will pay for repairs in the event of an accident where the driver is at-fault in a vehicle collision or other incident. Keep collision and comprehensive deductibles higher, at least $500, to get cheaper premiums for car insurance in Alaska.

Alaska Driving Facts and Figures

  • Alaska is rated number 39 out of the 50 states in terms of auto insurance costs, with an average premium of $767 for a six-month policy, so it has some of the most expensive auto insurance in the nation. Finding cheap car insurance in Alaska is necessary to keep your monthly budget in check.
  • There were over 10,000 car crashes in 2007, most during the snowy months of October, November and January. Learn how to drive better and more defensively by enrolling in a driving course. Not only will this increase your skills, it will help get cheap car insurance in Alaska!
  • The majority of car crashes in Alaska are caused by following too close or driving recklessly in bad conditions such as packed snow, black ice or poor visibility. In order to lower car insurance rates, report all safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, etc., since these will bring discounts.
  • Alaska is one of the “safest” states in relation to auto theft, with less than 2,500 vehicle thefts reported in 2002. However, you can get cheap car insurance in Alaska more easily by installing anti-theft features such as a car alarm, LoJack/OnStar, a steering wheel block, etc.
  • Alaska GDL Program

    GDL, or graduated driver licensing, is a program that Alaska has enacted recently in an effort to reduce the number of auto accidents caused by inexperienced, younger drivers. The GDL program limits the times inexperienced drivers can be on the road (such as late at night) and restricts the number of teen passengers in the vehicle. These factors help decrease accidents and help improve teen car insurance rates for those teens who graduate to higher levels. Request a cheap auto insurance quote online for your teenage driver to see how this program benefits the whole family.

    Auto insurance is a requirement in Alaska, so every driver needs to avail themselves of quotes for cheap car insurance in Alaska by using our site. We provide the best quotes from the best companies that offer policies in the Great White North. By comparing multiple quotes for several reputable insurers, you can make the right choice for your needs and budget.

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