Cheap Auto Insurance – Quotes, Rates and More…in 10 Easy Steps

Auto insurance is something that every driver needs to have. It protects the car, the passengers, and building that might be damaged in a car accident. However, it doesn’t have to be too expensive to get great auto insurance. Here are 10 ways to find cheap auto insurance quotes.

10. Include Car Safety Features

If a car has features like air bags, anti-lock brakes, and seat belts, then a driver can get savings for owning a safe car. Make sure you include this information when filling out the information about your vehicle on the cheap auto insurance quote.

9. Insuring Multiple Cars

Some car insurance companies will offer discounts for families or individuals who insure more than one car with them. This spreads the risk pool significantly, lowering costs. If you own more than one vehicle, you can benefit by having them all insured through the same company.

8. Getting Safe Driver Discounts

Drivers who pay attention to the road and avoid having accidents or getting tickets will be able to get a lower rate due to their defensive driving. When getting cheap auto insurance quotes, make sure you include any tickets or accidents. If you haven’t had any, this can help reduce your monthly payments.

7. Bundling Insurance Packages

Many companies offer more than just car insurance. If you bundle your insurance policies with them, they may be able to get you a great discount on your package. Many people choose to bundle insurances like their car insurance, home or renter’s insurance, and life insurance.

6. Comparing Insurance Companies

Different insurance companies will offer different rates. It is important to look at different companies when filling out a quote. Looking at one company will limit your options severely, and you may find that one company can give you more discounts than another. It is helpful when you can find a company that will offer many free auto insurance quotes that you can use to find a good policy for the price range you are looking for.

5. Get Organization or Company Discounts

Sometimes, employers can offer car insurance discounts for their employees. Ask your employees if they have a group policy that you can use to save money. Having a membership with an Auto Club or a professional association like a union or even a credit union bank can also bring cheap auto insurance quotes.

4. Getting the Appropriate Amount of Coverage

There is such as a thing as having too much coverage! You will need to consider your personal needs in order to get the right amount of coverage for you and your family. Having redundant coverage like Med-Pay when you have health insurance isn’t always needed, nor is having Roadside Assistance if you have an auto club membership.

3. Good Student Discounts

Many insurance companies will have a special good student discount for those drivers who are still in grade school or college. This allows for cheap auto insurance for teenagers. They award these discounts as a reward for responsible behavior on the part of young drivers. Make sure to include this information when getting a cheap auto insurance quote to see discounts reflected.

2. Finding a Manageable Deductible

When filling out a cheap auto insurance quote, be sure you know what kind of deductible you can handle. Don’t overpay if you can afford to have a higher deductible. Raising your auto insurance collision or comprehensive deductible to $500 or $1000 can lower your monthly premium by as much as 20%.

1. Include Driver’s Education Courses

Many insurance companies will give discounts for having taken driver’s education or other defensive driving courses. Include these on your quote, or ask the insurance company directly if they offer this type of discount. Sometimes you will qualify for as much as 5% off the price of the policy.

There are many different ways to save money on your car insurance. These are just a few options. When filling out a quote, make sure to include all the information possible in order to get the most accurate price. Don’t forget to include these discounts and possible savings!

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