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    Insurance for ones automobile can be a large expense. In fact, depending on a myriad of factors, it can cost more than 100 dollars a month, sometimes much more. Luckily, one can get a better rate on their car insurance if they take the time to research what they need. It is essential to understand what goes into insurance rates, and how one can lower their insurance. It is not difficult to find extremely cheap car insurance as long as one is organized and takes time to search. Here, are some tips to get extremely cheap car insurance.

    When signing up for insurance, the agent looks at a few factors. Ones driving record is particularly serious, having car accidents and tickets will guarantee much higher rates. The value and age of the car are also crucial, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance. How far ones commute is, and the neighborhood the car is parked also come into the equation. A car in a garage will give one lower rates. Some of these factors cannot be changed by the owner of the car. Being flexible, and shopping around will help one find very cheap car insurance.

    Another huge factor in insurance rates is what is being covered. Many old cars can have the state minimum, but a leased car, or one that is not paid will need higher amounts of coverage. Anyone looking to lower their premiums should look at lowering their coverage. Though, one should be careful to not lower their coverage too much. Getting rid of a deductible can also save the client a lot of money on insurance premiums. The value of a car and type of car comes into play A new corvette will be much more expensive to insure than a used corolla.

    Most of the factors that determine car insurance premiums are hard to change. There are a few things one can do to lower their premiums. Cleaning up ones driving record can help lower premiums. Many states allow drivers to take a driving course, which in turn helps take points off of ones record. If a driving course is taken, this can erase the ticket off of the record. Some insurance companies will lower premiums if classes are taken, even if the driver does not have a negative driving record.

    Since miles driven is factored into insurance, driving less will help lower premiums. Taking the bus, carpooling, or riding a bike to work will lower the miles driven. The difference in premiums can be substantial. Make sure when looking for insurance to be honest with the miles driven. If not, this could translate into problems if an accident occurs.

    It is not difficult to find extremely cheap car insurance as long as one is willing to be flexible. Be careful when getting a quote, and work out the monthly cost of insurance. Some companies charge 6 months at a time, while others charge monthly. Also, make sure to choose a solid, reliable company that will be there if a unfortunate situation does arise. Do not be afraid to shop around, this is the key to finding a good deal. Very cheap car insurance can be found as long as one is organized and takes the time to search for a good deal.

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