Being a mom of a two year old and a four year old, I know what it’s like to be a distracted driver. The kids are just begging for my attention and it’s hard to concentrate on the road when they are screaming at each other. But the fact remains that distracted driving is dangerous, really dangerous. I would put it up there with drunk driving. That may sound harsh, but most people don’t take it seriously enough.

There are so many things that can take away from driving, and it’s easy to let those things take you away. Especially when you commute the same route everyday and feels like you know how to do it with your eyes closed. DON’T CLOSE THOSE EYES! You need them whether or not you drive the same place surrounded by the same people every day.

The road is an unpredictable place that no one should take complacently. Here are a few things that are particularly dangerous.

Cell Phones

There is not a single person living in the United States who does not know what a hazard cell phones can be. Yet, I see people talking on their phones constantly. Not to mention texting. I knew a girl who told me she only stopped texting while driving after she got in two, yes, two accidents. Is that really what it takes to for us for use caution while driving? A near miss of an accident should shake us up enough to hang up our phones.

If you just have to talk while you drive. Please get a hands free set and keep it in your ear. For the sake of everyone’s safety, please. I know they look dumb and are quite uncomfortable, but it’s better than you swerving all over the road to answer the phone. To me, even talking on hands-free is dangerous because you still aren’t focused on the road. Be aware, and care about other drivers.


Music is mostly good for drivers, it can help us stay alert when our eyes are drooping, a definite plus over having no music. But, and there is a but, when does music get out of control? Those cars driving down the street with the music pumping so loud they can’t hear their own horn honk. That’s dangerous. Image shouldn’t come second to good driving.

Music influences our actions. Turn on your favorite song and tell me you don’t feel something. It creates emotions, it can make us want to laugh or cry or just dance. It affects us while we drive as well. Sometimes a song comes on that just makes you want to push that gas petal, regardless of the speed limit. But we shouldn’t. Don’t stop listening, just start being aware of your actions during certain songs. Use cruise control if you need help keeping your foot off the gas.


I love a good drive through as much as the next person, but food shouldn’t supersede good driving. If you can, find a place to park before you eat. If you can’t, don’t order anything messy. Your hands should be open to be on the wheel, not chowing down on a burger. Once again, awareness is key. Start thinking about how your actions are affecting those around you.

It never hurts to re-evaluate your driving habits to become safer. Take the time to take away the distractions so that we can all feel better on the road.

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