The economy is taking a turn for the worst and as a result many individuals are looking for ways to cut back on their monthly bills. One of the most expensive things to pay for each month is insurance for a teenage driver. Auto insurance is one of the most important things for teen drivers to have because without it, the parents would have to pay the high cost of repairing the auto and the auto of the person whose car was hit; this can be a costly expense. Teenagers are notorious for needing the extra coverage because they don’t have the necessary experience that is needed to drive; even experienced adults get into a little fender bender now and then. The purpose of this article is to show parents ways that they can save money on their car insurance for their driving teen.

Tip number one: Tell and teach your teen to be a safe driver. Many insurance providers offer a reduced rate if your teenager takes a safe driving course. In addition to being a way to save money, teaching your teenage drivers to drive safe will help you obtain piece of mind every time that your child goes out the door and heads for the road. A safe driver is a happy driver and many insurance companies applaud safe driving

Tip number two: Hit the books. Car insurance providers always believe that maintaining at least a B average in school is highly important. That’s why an insurance company usually reduces the rate of the plan if the teen demonstrates good grades. The reason insurance carriers do this is because a good student usually embodies certain qualities such as responsibility and the statistics demonstrate that a good student makes a better driver than their flunking counterparts.

Tip number three: Add your teen to your car insurance plan. First, take a look at the policy for a single person and check the price of adding your teen to your current plan. Some companies will give a discounted rate if add your teen’s coverage to your own policy. This can save you hundreds in the course of a year.

Tip number four: Take a look at the vehicle that you pick. If you go to an auto dealership, you will notice that every car has a different price tag. An insurance company will charge depending on the coverage of the vehicle that you own. The price of replacing a scratched door of a Honda Accord will obviously be lower than what the insurance company will have to pay for a replacement part of a luxury vehicle.

Tip number five: Shop for discounts. See if the insurance companies give discounts. Some insurance companies offer better rates for safe drivers, low mileage drivers, college students, good students, etc. obtaining discounts is a sneaky way to rapidly reducing the costs of your teens auto insurance rates.

With these tips, you can save hundreds of dollars each year on your rates and your teenager won’t have to sacrifice driving in order to accommodate with the budget.

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