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    Preparing your Car for Summer

    Auto Insurance State by State Insurance

    It’s getting hot out. Time to break out the shorts, and swimsuits, and tank tops. Time to put away the coats and boats and Hot Chocolate. It’s natural to move things around our house in preparation for a new season, but what about your car?

    Is there anything that should be done to your vehicle just because the weather is changing? Of course there is. Just like things in our home need to be moved around a few things in our cars need to be checked too.

    Get Your Air Conditioning Updated

    Thanks for the tip Caption Obvious! But seriously, a lot people are using air conditioners that need new filters or could work even better with a check-up. Do it now before it gets too hot. You don’t want to be stuck on a sweltering day with a broken air conditioner. A little maintenance can go a long way. If you live in a desert like I do, this is especially important. Even if you don’t really use your AC, get your filters changed. You don’t want the people in your car breathing in all the dirt and pollen and smoke that has come in through the air and your engine. It’s a simple and inexpensive check that make a BIG difference when you drive.

    Fill Up Your Washer Fluid

    This one applies to preparing your car for winter as well. Summer time is the time for bugs to breed. You may not notice them in your back yard, but you will notice them on your windshield. It’s always a good idea to have washer fluid handy so that you can have better vision and drive safer. If you drive past any standing bodies of water, you will have a big ‘ole bug smash in the middle of your windshield, right in the place you need to look out of the most. Again, this is something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, but can go a very long way.

    Keep Your Car Clean on the Outside

    If you live in a place that snows, it’s likely that your car has been driving over either salt or dirt that corrode the undercarriage of your car. Although you should be washing your car regularly throughout the winter to solve most of your corrosion problems, it’s not too late to start washing your car now. Washing your car is just as valuable as changing the filters and checking the tire pressure. Your car will last longer if you keep it clean. We all want our cars to last, and this is one little thing that will help preserve your car in the condition you want it to be in.

    It’s a simple thing to get your car ready for the summer, and there is no excuse not to. The weather is nice, so take advantage of that to do a little work on your car. And remember, a little work can go a long way.

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