Cheap Auto Insurance For Teenagers is Possible!

Everyone knows that getting teenage car insurance is tricky, due to their young age, distract-ability and the fact that they do not have years of experience behind the wheel. Many parents look forward to the day their child becomes old enough to drive with dread for their bank account. However, a responsible young person really does stand a chance of getting low cost auto coverage. There are even ways to search for cheap auto insurance for teens online if you know what to look for with different companies. Some websites can even provide multiple quotes from all the major car insurance companies such as, so you can be sure you are getting the best rate.

Buy the Right Car

Every young teen dreams about having a shiny, fancy new car when he or she turns sixteen. However, an older car is much more practical, for both safety and financial reasons. Older cars are built heavier, making them more difficult to damage, and they do not have high rates of theft. Older cars are much cheaper than newer cars, and can usually be paid in full if the teen and adults all chip in. A paid-in-full car is not required to have comprehensive and collision insurance, making the basic insurance requirements cheaper. Additionally, choose cars that have minimum safety features.

Safe Driving, Good Habits

Remind the new driver that they are starting with a provisional clean record. With each passing year of clean driving records, insurance deductible will go down. Every traffic ticket and accident racked up raises the premiums for insurance. By learning safe habits and taking driver’s education classes, automobile insurance for teenagers goes down and they can stay safer on the road. In addition, if a teen driver’s responsibility can be proved by their good grades and by being on the school honor roll, many companies will offer a discounts on student car insurance.

Other Considerations of Insuring Youth Drivers for Car Insurance:

Most people add their teenage youth onto their existing insurance policy, rather than helping him or her get a provisional new policy, even though this can cause their premiums to increase as much as 50% or more. To get good and affordable auto insurance for teenagers, be sure to evaluate all of the available options. Check with the existing insurer to see if they offer discounts for multiple cars, good grades, and safe driving. Most companies require a young teens to purchase their own, lower-priced policy after the age of 25, but some decrease rates for those as young as 23 with good records.

Getting car insurance for young drivers can be a cause of stress and worry for parents, but at least sky-high insurance premium prices do not have to be one of the causes. By following these tips and becoming familiarized with the regulations of the insurance company and the possible discounts they may offer, even a teenager could be able to get the cheapest insurance.

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