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    Guide to Cheap Car Insurance in Wyoming

    Auto Insurance State by State Insurance

    Wyoming entered the United States as the 44th state in 1890. Aside from being famous for its cowboy and Indians culture, Wyoming is the site for the first national park, Yellowstone, and was the first state to give women the right to vote before the 21st Amendment was passed in 1921—it even had the first female governor in 1925, thus earning its nickname as the “Equality State.” Wyoming has the lowest population density in the nation, and the cost of living in this windswept Western state is low. Wyoming car insurance is some of the least-expensive in the country. This includes cheap insurance for young drivers.

    Driving in Wyoming

    The state of Wyoming is the tenth-largest in the nation, and more than 48% of it is held by the government as national park and trust land. It is mainly plains and rolling hills, with the Grand Tetons and the edge of the Rockies extending into the northwestern part of the state. Winters in both regions are snowy and very cold, and the summers are hot and windy with occasional tornadoes in the southeastern corner. Animal strikes, occasional dust storms, whiteouts, and bad road conditions can be found throughout the state. The low population density makes traffic uncommon except in the national parks during summertime, when residents using the park roads for routine travel encounter tourists, and in winter when park and rural roads are closed due to snow.

    Wyoming Facts and Figures

    • Wyoming is listed as the 11th least-expensive state in the nation for auto insurance. Wyoming car insurance costs on average $546 for a six-month policy for liability coverage only.
    • There were 15,278 vehicle crashes in Wyoming in 2009. Of these crashes, 116 yielded fatalities, with a total of 134 victims.
    • 142 vehicles were reported stolen in Wyoming in 2009, placing it in the 24th place for risk of vehicle theft in the nation.

    Auto Insurance Requirements in Wyoming

    Basic liability car insurance in Wyoming is required for all drivers and vehicle owners. Liability insurance covers any property damage or bodily injuries sustained by victims of an accident caused by the insured driver. The state of Wyoming has minimum insurance coverage requirements of 25/50/20, which means that in any accident the coverage maximums are:

    • $25,000 for individual bodily injury compensation per incident
    • $50,000 total for bodily injury compensation per incident
    • $20,000 for total property damage compensation per incident

    Auto insurers and the Wyoming Insurance Commission recommend that residents maintain $100,000 in individual bodily injury and $300,000 in total incident bodily injury coverage. This will avert the insured from having to pay anything out of pocket in the event of a serious accident whose results surpass the state minimums.

    Getting Cheap Wyoming Car Insurance Quotes

    Since no other coverage is required, every driver can choose for themselves whether to carry collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, medical payments and other types of Wyoming car insurance. In order to keep monthly premiums down, increase the collision and/or comprehensive deductible, enroll in driving safety courses, bundle insurance policies through the same company for a multi-policy discount, and consider installing theft-deterrent features such as car alarms. All of these will lower the overall policy price, making it more affordable.

    The best way to obtain the lowest price for Wyoming car insurance is by comparing multiple quotes from different companies. This enables the customer to choose the types of coverage they desire while having realistic expectations as to policy prices. Allow us to help make your auto insurance decisions easier by delivering fast, free and reliable quotes from great Wyoming insurers. With the right information, you can make the right decision.

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