Really Cheap Car Insurance

In many parts of the United States, cars are about the only type of transportation available. However, owning and maintaining a car is expensive, and mandatory car insurance is a big part of that expense. Most people can find cheap car insurance by taking advantage of discounts and comparing online auto insurance quotes. There are also some steps that drivers can take to reduce the cost of car insurance premiums.

Look for Discounts

Most insurance companies offer a variety discounts to their customers. Discounts may be earned by placing several different policies, like life, home and auto insurance, with the same company. There are also ways to get discounts on cheap insurance for young drivers that maintain a B average in school and for students who take driver education courses. Some auto insurers offer discounts to new customers and most offer discounts to good drivers. However, asking about discounts can save any driver money.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Drivers who take defensive driving courses can save as much as 10% on insurance rates for three years. In some states this discount is required by law, but many insurance companies offer it voluntarily. Defensive driving courses may cost as little as $30 and will take about 8 hours to complete. Some are available in classrooms while others are offered online. These courses are easy to find will help drivers get really cheap auto insurance.

Raise Deductibles

Comprehensive and collision insurance are not required by law, but may be required as the condition of a car loan. These coverages are expensive, but drivers can save some money by raising their deductible. This means that if the car is damaged the owner is responsible for more of the cost, but raising a $500 deductible to $1000 can lower car insurance premiums substantially. Owners of older cars worth less than $3000 should consider dropping these coverages.

Maintain a Good Credit Rating

Everyone knows that a good credit rating can save money on loan interest, but it can also save money by helping drivers get really cheap car insurance for young drivers. One of the factors that insurance companies consider when determining rates is a driver’s credit score. A good credit score is an indicator of a responsible attitude and insurers believe this will carry over into responsible behavior behind the wheel.

Get Free Insurance Quotes for Comparison

Comparing the rates of different insurance companies can save hundreds of dollars on car insurance premiums. Some auto insurance websites offer free car insurance quotes from several different insurance carriers. By looking at the rates of different companies, many drivers are able to find really cheap car insurance. It only takes a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire and get quotes from up to five insurance carriers.

If you need really cheap car insurance a small investment of time and effort can save you a substantial amount of money. By looking for discounts and comparing rates with free quotes, many drivers are able to find super cheap car insurance.

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