Not All Get – Best Minimum Auto Insurance Required

Trick Question

Getting the best minimum auto insurance required by law is a trick question. The minimum amount varies from state to state. The problem is that the minimum amount of car insurance required by law is often not enough.

Wisconsin has the highest car insurance coverage requirements of the 50 states. Its minimum car insurance allowed is:

  • up to $50,000 payment for bodily injuries of each person
  • up to two injured parties allowed
  • $100,000 maximum bodily injury award
  • $55,000 total property damage highest award amount

Most other state’s minimum car insurance coverage requirements are considerably less than Wisconsin’s. With medical expenses being what they are, a serious accident with severe personal injuries to an automobile’s occupants could easily eclipse even the standout amounts dictated by the ‘Forward’ state.

If more than two passengers are involved, damages for personal injuries sustained could quickly escalate even further than that state’s $100,000 amount provided for. It also should be easy to imagine that a serious car accident could often result in property damage far in excess of Wisconsin’s (as well as the other states’) minimum award amounts of $55,000.

Even before the Great Recession it was expensive to operate and maintain a vehicle in good working order. With the effects of the recent economic doldrums still lingering, many drivers will be opting in on the least amount of car insurance that they can get away with.

Regular lube, oil, filters, tune-ups, tire rotations, ever skyrocketing fuel costs plus all of the relevant paperwork of registration and insurance, quickly adds up. Prompting some drivers to flout existing insurance requirement laws out of ‘economic necessity’. For those who can afford the best minimum auto insurance required is all they want.

In this way, the high cost of driving is making criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. Many drivers will continue, others will begin to drive without even looking for quotes on the minimum required insurance.

Thus taxing the insurance system with the effects of uninsured drivers that get in accidents and cannot pay even close to any minimums. So what happens? They go to jail and begin to stress an already over stressed corrections system.

The price of being a legit driver is high and getting higher all of the time. Not owning a road worthy vehicle is a source of peer pressure in some circles. Some desperate individuals may be moved to illegal activities other than just driving without insurance. Simply to get by.

All of these expenses, along with the other minimums of life, like rent and food, quickly max out many budgets. The persistent increases to the overall cost of living, coupled with the above constitute an unseen mechanism that reduces the number of people wanting to buy car insurance.

This does not even take into account the many uninsured drivers who are in the country illegally. Though some states allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses, most others don’t. While car insurance companies do offer a car insurance plan to illegals, how many of drivers in that category will actually purchase an insurance policy?

Some with the best minimum auto insurance required. Those that are in good financial condition should definitely pay whatever it takes in higher insurance fees to raise their car insurance policy coverage for personal and property damages. Because even the best driver can err or become a victim of another uninsured and maybe even an undocumented motorist.

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