People who are in the market for a new vehicle inevitably come up on the raging debate about American cars vs Foreign cars. While there are proponent and opponents on both sides, the fact is that both imported and home made cars have their fair share of pros and cons. So, there is no one car maker or model that is better than the others in all aspects and the buyer should choose a vehicle based on his specific preference, requirements and usage. Here is a few pros and cons for American cars vs Foreign cars.

The Pros of Buying an American Made Car

Contrary to popular belief most American cars cost the same as their Japanese counterparts but the Korean makes are still cheaper than homemade vehicles. However, any buyer who is looking for a sturdy car with a strong initial build and a powerful engine and body will appreciate the offerings of American automobile makers. Also, locally made vehicles are built larger than foreign cars and offer more passenger comfort including enhanced shoulder and leg room than foreign cars. Another benefit of investing in an American car is the lower coverage rates of these vehicles.

The Cons of Buying Vehicles from American Car Makers

A lot of people assume that the parts of homemade cars will be cheaper than those of Japanese or European cars; however, the cost of the engine and vehicle components largely depends on where they are manufactured. In fact, parts made in the US usually cost more than those made outside the country owing to the high cost of labor in the States. Another distinctive disadvantage of buying a vehicle from the Detroit car makers is that American automobiles devaluate faster than European and even some Japanese brands. Finally, despite the tag of ‘American-made’, many vehicles from US auto companies are in fact assembled outside the country.

The Pros of Buying a Foreign Made Car

One of the primary advantages of buying vehicles from foreign manufacturers is the large array of luxury models; particularly from European auto manufacturers like Daimler Chrysler, Ferrari, and Lamborghini etc. For customers who are keen on sports cars, foreign car makers offer a greater selection of vehicles in the category as compared to American car manufacturers. The resale value of Japanese and European cars is typically higher than that of home made vehicles and the parts of foreign cars generally cost less. Also, Japanese and Asian car makers are well known for making more optimal use of space inside the vehicle including small cars.

The Cons of Buying a Foreign Made Car

One of the biggest disadvantages of investing money in a foreign car is that the buyer is inevitably fueling the Japanese, Asian and European auto industries. Thus, local consumers play a role in the resurgence of non-American car makers and help them to develop technologies which will aid them to gain an edge over home companies. From a non-economic point of view, foreign vehicles, particularly Asian offerings are built lighter than American vehicles, so they naturally have less powerful engines. Finally, a Japanese or European vehicle will cost significantly more to insure given their higher theft rate.

While the car make and model is largely a choice that depends on personal preference, in light of recent developments, American consumers do stand to gain more by investing in a locally made vehicle. In fact, the biggest benefit of choosing American made cars over their foreign counterparts is the payment protection plan rolled out by the BIG Detroit 2, GM and Ford. Without any charges levied on the owner, these companies will cover the monthly payment on the vehicle for several months if the buyer loses his/her job. It is up to you now to make the call with American cars vs Foreign cars.

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