Before you buy your teen driver their first new car, or if your teenage driver plans to purchase their first car, there are a few things you and your teenager must know before buying a car.

Here are 7 helpful tips and tricks to driving and getting the right car that also comes with affordable car insurance for teenagers.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to raise your collision and comprehensive deductibles no higher than $1,000.

This is highly recommended because this rate will lower your insurance premiums drastically while keeping you from filing small claims so that you’ll be able to file for a claims-free discount.

The best way to go about this plan is to set aside some extra money for an emergency savings so that you’ll be able to afford to pay for the deductible just in case someone in your family might have an accident or if anything else happens.

It’s best not to pay for the full coverage insurance if you are driving an older vehicle that might cost much less than the deductible because you might end up paying more in premiums.

Another great and important tip is to get a safe vehicle. It is extremely important for your teen to not only have the most stylish vehicle on the block to drive, but they should also be driving a safe model.

This will help keep your auto insurance rates cheap and under control.

You might also want to consider encourage your teenager to get good grades in school. Surprisingly, most insurance companies offer a huge discount to young drivers who maintain a A-B average in High School and College.

If your teen is in college, they’ll need to take at least 12 credits in order to qualify for this discount.

You should also let your insurer know if and when your teen goes away to college. This is another important tip because if your teen goes to school without a car and is more than 100 miles away from home, then you can expect to receive a huge break on your insurance and still have coverage when your child comes back home for a vacation and plans on driving.

Ask around for other rates. There are a few auto insurance companies that offer discounts mainly for driver safety programs.

Your child will need to take a special class which will lead them to being considered and accepted for this plan. It’s a good idea to ask your insurer what your child needs to do to qualify for this plan.

When it comes to multi-policy discounts, these discounts will ensure that you save money for both your homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies only if you keep these policies with the same company.

You may even get an additional discount if you also include an umbrella policy.

Last but not least, it’s extremely important to shop around for better insurance deals. Most auto insurance companies will advertise that they have a cheap rate for you and might have higher rates for your teenage driver.

It’s highly recommended that you add your child to your policy instead of have them get their own policy or continue to shop around for better deals for your teen.

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