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Colorado became the 38th state in 1876. This beautiful state is dominated by the Rocky Mountains and other dramatic natural scenery, and has a long cultural history with both Native Americans and U.S. adventurers alike. Coloradans are known for their enthusiasm for the great outdoors and have some of the healthiest lifestyles in the country. However, prices for car insurance in Colorado are in the top ten of the most expensive states in the country.

Colorado Driving Hazards

Colorado in winter is beautiful, but it is also when the majority of car accidents happen. The state receives anywhere between 15-300 inches of snow per year, depending on whether the location is on the northeastern plains or in the heart of the Rockies. Snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and hail are common occurrences, and in the mountain passes, blizzards cause whiteouts, which make driving extremely dangerous.

Colorado Drivers

Drivers in Colorado have the same problems many other states have, although the weather conditions cause fewer accidents than would be expected, as long-term residents are accustomed to driving in the snow and ice. The biggest driver-centered factors in accidents in Colorado are aggressive driving, following too closely, inattention to the road, speeding, failure to yield, and, most importantly, the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving.

Colorado Facts and Figures

  • 27,213 vehicle accidents in 2008, with 290 fatalities. (CO Highway Patrol)
  • Ranks number 40 on the list of auto insurance premium prices by state, meaning it is in the top ten most-expensive states to insurance a vehicle. Colorado car insurance cost an average of $771 for a liability-only policy for six months. (InsWeb)
  • Colorado drivers are prohibited from texting or using a mobile phone while driving unless they use a hands-free accessory. (Colorado DOT)
  • Teenage and other inexperienced drivers in Colorado must go through a GDL (Graduated Driver’s License) program, where they start out with restrictions on driving at night and are not allowed to have a mobile phone in the car, and may not have other teens riding with them. Eventually, the driver graduates up levels until they receive an un-restricted license, and qualify for discounts on their Colorado car insurance. (Colorado DOT)

Mandatory Coverage

Just like most other U.S. states, Colorado has a mandatory auto insurance law. Every driver in the state must maintain basic auto liability coverage. Liability insurance with pay for medical bills and any repair costs that are caused by an accident that is deemed the fault of the insured driver. The state coverage minimums are 25/50.15. This means that in any given incident, the bodily injury portion of the coverage will pay out $25,000 for an injured individual, will pay out $50,000 total bodily injury costs, and will cover $15,000 in property damages.

Why Get More Coverage?

Maintaining only minimum coverage leaves the driver vulnerable in the event any bills generated by an at-fault accident exceed the maximum. Increasing those minimums will protect them from potential lawsuits and financial disaster. It is also advised to get other kinds of Colorado car insurance, such as collision and comprehensive coverage, to pay for the driver’s medical and/or repair costs in the event of an at-fault accident or non-vehicle damage such as theft, vandalism, or weather damage.

Getting Cheaper Colorado Car Insurance

Considering the high average cost of Colorado car insurance, the smart driver must learn to save money on monthly premiums by taking advantage of discounts. If possible, buy a vehicle that has good crash-performance ratings and lots of safety features such as proximity alerts and anti-lock brakes. Install a car alarm to reduce the likelihood of theft. Bundle all insurance policies with the same company to get multi-policy discounts. Take safe-driving courses, which will almost always guarantee a discount. Especially for teen car insurance. Also, increase the collision/comprehensive deductible to at least $500 to lower monthly payments.

Getting cheap Colorado car insurance is not impossible, but it takes some work and research. The Colorado State insurance Commission recommends that one of the best ways to get competitive prices on auto insurance is to get multiple quotes from several different cheap auto insurance quotes online companies. Let us help you to find the best coverage at the lowest price with our comparison service.

The “Golden State” of California is the third-largest state in the union. It was admitted to the United States in 1850, right after the gold-rush boom of 1849. Now it is home to around 37 million people and is one of the richest and most prominent states, due to its great amounts of natural resources, excellent farmland, good climate and concentration of key industries. However, like the cost of living in general, car insurance in California is expensive.

California Driving Hazards

California is a large state, with almost every type of terrain and climate to be found somewhere in its length and breadth. Its twisting mountain highways of Big Sur and the Pacific Coast Highway are frequent scenes of accidents caused by fog, rain, snow, landslides, and driver under-estimation of the difficulty of driving in the mountains. Drivers in the deserts frequently encounter car trouble due to the heat or rough roads. However, the biggest driving hazards in California are the congested roads and the drivers using them.

“California Drivers”

Los Angeles California drivers are disparaged around the world for their poor skills and lack of courtesy or observation of traffic laws. The term “road rage” originated in California; the state’s DMV website has an entire section dealing with the concept. Drivers in this state are known to rarely use turn signals, drive too fast, drive aggressively, drive distracted, and to not stop or yield properly. These issues contribute greatly to the state being in the top-ten for the highest auto insurance rates in the country. California car insurance is very expensive for all drivers.

California Facts and Figures

  • 65,000 Car accidents in California in 2008, almost 10,000 of those were alcohol-related (15%) (CHP Report)
  • Spending for lost wages, medical bills and fatalities related to car accidents in California topped $4.6 billion in 2005 (CDC)
  • 4,478 people died in car accidents in California in 2005, the highest number in the country (CDC)
  • California ranks number 43 on the list of states by auto insurance premium costs. It is in the ten most expensive states, with a six-month liability-only policy costing $809 on average. (InsWeb)
  • California ranks number 1 in the nation for auto theft, with 242,693 thefts reported in 2005, more than twice the number of the next-runner-up, Texas. Four California cities are on the list of top-ten cities for auto theft, with Modesto, San Diego, Stockton and San Francisco claiming the numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. (NICB)
    • These facts combine to produce the verdict that California car insurance is a major budget factor. Finding the best prices for California car insurance is crucial; let us help you get the right deal for the right price.

      Mandatory Coverage

      Los Angeles California requires every driver in the state to maintain liability insurance at minimum limits of 15/30/5. This translates to $15,000 in bodily injury coverage per injured person in medical bills, $30,000 total in bodily injury per accident, and $5,000 in property damage coverage. These are some of the lowest minimum requirements in the country. It is advised that drivers maintain higher liability limits to protect them against the risk of repair or medical costs exceeding these limits, since any overage will be the at-fault driver’s responsibility out of pocket.

      Getting Cheap California car insurance

      The key to getting inexpensive California car insurance is to be a good driver and drive a safe vehicle. Increase your skills by taking driving safety courses, which will also usually qualify you for a discount on insurance, too. Choose a vehicle that has good performance ratings and safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes. Install anti-theft features in your vehicle such as alarm systems. If your vehicle is older or paid in full, consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage, or at least raise the deductible to $500 or more to save on monthly premiums.

      Penalties for Driving Uninsured

      It is extremely important to have California car insurance. New California residents need to procure local auto insurance within 30 days of moving to the state or risk having their license, registration and vehicle tags cancelled by the DMV. Insurers are required to notify the state about cancellations and policy lapses, so those who allow their insurance to expire will face heavy penalties and even the loss of their license. Even if someone’s license is suspended they have to keep insurance current, as any car registered in the state must have valid insurance.

      California is a beautiful state full of opportunities, but it is also one of the most expensive states in the nation as far as cost of living. When living in California, maintain your auto insurance coverage at all times to avoid legal problems. To find the best California car insurance, request multiple cheap auto insurance quotes online from several companies in order to find the best coverage for the lowest price. You can even find great deals on teen car insurance. Let us help you do this!

Known as the “Grand Canyon State,” Arizona entered the Union as the 48th state in 1912. Arizona is famous for its windswept natural beauty and its Old West history and Native American culture. Arizona residents love their craggy mountains and sunny deserts, but one thing is not to love about this state: car insurance in Arizona is expensive. Here is some helpful information about auto insurance in Arizona.,/p>

Arizona Natural Driving Hazards

Many people think that a state with so much desert landscape wouldn’t get a lot of rain, but they would be mistaken. Arizona is known for its summer monsoon thunderstorms, which are sudden, torrential cloudbursts that tend to cause flash floods and wash out roads. In the mountains and desert, the terrain can be rough and rocky, and there are many incidences of animal strikes from deer and even loose cattle. During the dry season sandstorms can come up suddenly as well, dropping visibility to almost zero and making driving extremely dangerous.

Arizona Human Driving Hazards

Arizonans tend to drive long distances, especially those who live near larger cities like Phoenix and Tucson. People live in the suburbs and commute upwards of 100 miles per day to and from their city jobs, and long commutes are excellent opportunities for the state’s most frequent accident type, the rear-end collision. There were more than 40,000 in 2009 alone. Arizona also has high levels of vehicle theft and some of the most dangerous intersections in the country. All these factors combine to make Arizona car insurance some of the most expensive in the nation.

Arizona Facts and Figures

  • Number of vehicle crashes: 106,767. Crash Fatalities: 806. Crash Injuries: 50,610.Total cost to the state due to vehicle crashes: $2,756,574,072 (Arizona DOT 2009 Yearly Report)
  • Arizona ranked number 4 in car theft rates in the nation in 2007, with the Phoenix/Scottsdale area ranking number 8 nationally on the list of vehicle theft statistics by city. (National Insurance Crime Bureau)
  • The state ranked number 47 in the yearly ranking of states by auto insurance costs. A six-month liability-only premium in Arizona cost an average of $842. This makes car insurance in Arizona in the top ten of the most expensive rates in the country. (InsWeb 2010 list)
  • Two Phoenix, Arizona intersections landed on the State Farm “Most Dangerous Intersections” list. 7th Street and Bell Road, and 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue were listed as numbers 4 and 7, respectively. (State Farm)

Arizona Car Insurance

Like the majority of states in the US, Arizona requires its drivers to have basic auto liability insurance. Liability coverage pays for medical bills and repair costs incurred in the event that the insured driver causes an accident. Arizona’s minimum levels of coverage are listed as 15/30/10, which are very low compared to other states. In any crash, the maximum payout to an injured individual will be $15,000; for the entire accident’s bodily injury claims payout would be $30,000 maximum; and the maximum payout for property damages would be $10,000.

Why Carry More than the Minimums?

Accidents are expensive. Consider these numbers, which are the averages cost-wise per type of accident in Arizona:

  • Fatality $1,326,000
  • Incapacitating Injury $68,544
  • Non-Incapacitating Injury $22,236
  • Possible Injury $12,546
  • Property Damage Only $8,466
    • (Arizona DOT 2009 Yearly Report)

      The state minimums do not even begin to scratch the surface in most of these incidents. If you only carry the minimum Arizona car insurance, anything that would need to be paid out over the maximums would be your responsibility out of pocket. It is only logical to boost the minimums, and it is also wise to carry collision, comprehensive and other auto insurance if your car is newer or financed.

      Get Car Insurance Discounts in Arizona

      Arizona drivers should do everything they can to reduce their car insurance costs. If you belong to AAA or another organization, you will be entitled to a discount, as will safe drivers, those who drive shorter distances and those whose cars have safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes. To get more discounts, take defensive or safe driving courses, bundle your insurance policies, and install anti-theft features like car alarms. The best way to reduce insurance costs is to maintain a good record by driving carefully, defensively and obeying the traffic laws.

      Mandatory Insurance Enforcement

      Arizona is one of the toughest states on residents about carrying the mandatory coverage. The state DOT requires insurers and residents to forward proof of insurance to their office, and if this is not received, the state will automatically issue a license plate and registration revocation by mail. New residents are expected to have proof of local insurance right away, as out-of-state coverage is not acceptable past 30 days. Without a valid SR22, license, tag and registration renewals can and will be denied, and monetary penalties will be assessed.

      Car insurance in Arizona is expensive, but it has been showing a downward trend in the past several years, as accident numbers have been dropping. Much credit is owed to the state’s wide usage of traffic cameras and stricter enforcement of traffic laws. In order to obtain the cheapest Arizona car insurance, compare multiple cheap auto insurance quotes onlinefrom several companies authorized to issue coverage in that state. We can help get the best coverage for your budget. The best coverage for teen car insurance, car insurance for women and other insurance.

Alaska is the biggest state in the Union. Admitted as the 49th state in 1959, it is known for its oil, gold, and vast stretches of pristine wilderness, and is home to around 700,000 people. This state has its own unique challenges and issues for drivers, and the cost of auto insurance is one of those. Here is some information about driving and getting cheap car insurance in Alaska.

Alaska Driving Hazards

Driving in Alaska can be hazardous, given the climate. During the winter, roads are often covered in ice and snow. Blizzards can come up quickly, causing whiteout conditions that can lead to accidents and becoming stranded. Long winter nights can mean poor visibility, and drivers must exercise caution against animal hazards, too: moose, bear and various species of deer have been known to cause serious vehicle damage. Having car insurance in Alaska is an absolute must, beyond the legal responsibility: you can’t afford not to!

Insurance Minimums

Like the majority of other states, Alaska requires its drivers to carry liability auto insurance. Liability auto insurance is the absolute basic car insurance to have. It does not pay for repairs or medical costs associated with the insured driver in case of an accident. Instead, it covers the other vehicle and its driver and/or passengers if the insured driver is deemed as at-fault in an accident. Alaska drivers are expected to carry 50/100/25 auto liability insurance. This translates into a maximum of:

  • $50,000 in Bodily Injury Coverage. An individual injured in an accident where the insured driver is deemed as at-fault will receive a maximum of $50,000 in bodily injury payouts for medical bills/costs associated with the accident.
  • $100,000 in Total Bodily Injury Coverage. Regardless of how many victims are injured, the insurance company will only pay out $100,000 in medical costs.
  • $25,000 Property Damage Coverage. If the driver only carries the minimum, the insurance company will pay out a maximum of $25,000 in property damage costs for the other vehicle.

Alaska drivers should carry more than the minimum requirement, because any repair or medical costs over the minimums would be their responsibility out-of-pocket. If you do not have insurance and get pulled over or cause an accident, you will be fined. You could lose your license after multiple infractions. Let us help you get the best cheap car insurance in Alaska.

Other Types of Insurance

Alaska does not require any other forms of insurance besides basic liability coverage. If your vehicle is financed, you must keep collision and comprehensive coverage on it as well. Additionally, considering the large number of road and driving hazards that Alaskans face, it is a good idea to have full coverage anyway. These forms of insurance will pay for repairs in the event of an accident where the driver is at-fault in a vehicle collision or other incident. Keep collision and comprehensive deductibles higher, at least $500, to get cheaper premiums for car insurance in Alaska.

Alaska Driving Facts and Figures

  • Alaska is rated number 39 out of the 50 states in terms of auto insurance costs, with an average premium of $767 for a six-month policy, so it has some of the most expensive auto insurance in the nation. Finding cheap car insurance in Alaska is necessary to keep your monthly budget in check.
  • There were over 10,000 car crashes in 2007, most during the snowy months of October, November and January. Learn how to drive better and more defensively by enrolling in a driving course. Not only will this increase your skills, it will help get cheap car insurance in Alaska!
  • The majority of car crashes in Alaska are caused by following too close or driving recklessly in bad conditions such as packed snow, black ice or poor visibility. In order to lower car insurance rates, report all safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, etc., since these will bring discounts.
  • Alaska is one of the “safest” states in relation to auto theft, with less than 2,500 vehicle thefts reported in 2002. However, you can get cheap car insurance in Alaska more easily by installing anti-theft features such as a car alarm, LoJack/OnStar, a steering wheel block, etc.
  • Alaska GDL Program

    GDL, or graduated driver licensing, is a program that Alaska has enacted recently in an effort to reduce the number of auto accidents caused by inexperienced, younger drivers. The GDL program limits the times inexperienced drivers can be on the road (such as late at night) and restricts the number of teen passengers in the vehicle. These factors help decrease accidents and help improve teen car insurance rates for those teens who graduate to higher levels. Request a cheap auto insurance quote online for your teenage driver to see how this program benefits the whole family.

    Auto insurance is a requirement in Alaska, so every driver needs to avail themselves of quotes for cheap car insurance in Alaska by using our site. We provide the best quotes from the best companies that offer policies in the Great White North. By comparing multiple quotes for several reputable insurers, you can make the right choice for your needs and budget.

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