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A couple of months ago my husband and I sat at a red light on a street that we had driven dozens of times before. My husband has never been in accident, nor gotten a ticket. I completely trust him when he is driving. We were having a pleasant conversation about something frivolous when the predictability of the road changed.

It was an almost out of body experience to be sitting at that light like I had done so many times before. To be totally relaxed with my surroundings and looking forward to heading home. You never expect to be in completely ordinary circumstances when someone rear-ends you.

To be fair, as we sat at that red light my husband creped forward an inch in anticipation of the light turning green. However, no one expects the person behind them to hit the gas when the light is still red.

We pulled over to the side of the road to survey the damage and exchange information. The girl driver came to my husband’s window and said “I’m so sorry, I’ve never been in an accident before,” then (as an afterthought) she concluded, “I’m seventeen.” It was hard not to laugh in that moment because I really did feel sorry for the girl.

My husband got out of the van and I called highway patrol. The girl was driving a Jeep Cherokee and had completely smashed in our back-end so that it was no longer useable. It didn’t take long for the cops to arrive and settle the situation.

After three-thousand dollars and week in the auto body shop our van was fixed. Looking back, even though it seemed crazy at the time, I now realize I shouldn’t have been quite so shocked.

The road is an unpredictable place. You may follow the same driving routines again and again, but that doesn’t mean your circumstances are always going to be the same. You never know when something is going to hit you unexpectedly.

Driving shouldn’t be a complacent activity. Whenever we enter the driver’s seat we should be fully aware of our surroundings and prepared to take on what whatever circumstances the road may bring. The one thing you can count on, when it comes to driving, is change.

There will be sudden stops on the freeway. There will be construction when you are already running late. There will be that peaceful moment when you are sitting at a stop light without a care in the world where someone will hit you.

Be prepared for the uncommon and the surprising to happen on the road. Murphy’s law applies to driving as well, if something can go wrong it will. The best thing we can do as drivers is to be aware of surroundings and circumstances and to expect the unexpected.

Next time you hop in the driver’s seat, buckle up, put your hands at ten and two, and never forget how unpredictable the road can be.


What do you do when you need to replace brakes on your auto? The dealer (factory) option garners higher parts and labor costs with general expertise and low turnover of technicians. The brake specialist usually offers a flat cost for parts and labor which is an average (high for the low end, and low for the high end) with specific expertise, but often higher turnover of technicians. The local mechanic will often use non-factory parts and average (covers oil to engine changes) labor costs with general expertise and lower turnover of technicians. Self repair should provide lowest retail parts cost and zero labor assuming a measure of expertise, and no turnover.

How do you make the best choice?

With each of the options above, you want to feel you are being treated fairly. If you can not perform self repair, you must choose one of the first three options. Each of these options has its limitations and temptations. If you can perform self repair, you can lower your costs of parts and labor significantly, sometimes by a factor of 10 or more. Self repair is your best choice! Especially, when you rarely need to bleed brake lines, disconnect and reconnect brake lines, drain brake reservoirs, repair drum brakes, or cut rotors. Let’s take a look at two actual examples.

Rear brakes 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

The Aveo is a front disc/rear drum equipped vehicle. During a state inspection, the dealer failed the rear drum brakes at a cost to the customer of $245.00. Drum brakes are more difficult to change than disc or rotors, but not enough to justify this price tag. A quick call to the parts store revealed $25.00 cost to the customer for the new brake shoes. I did not have the correct size socket to remove and tighten the axle nut, so I bought one for $11.00.

Overcharging for brake work is a pet peeve of mine, and I charge $25.00 if less than 90 minutes, and $35.00 if over 90 minutes per axle. In this case, MOM was the customer, so I changed the brakes for free, making her cost $25.00 for the parts. How many of you could use an extra $225.00?

P.S.>>>>>The brake specialist available options were $109.95, and $95.99, parts and labor per side. The local mechanic estimate was about $220.00, but he could not get to it for a week and a half.

Front brakes 2005 Subaru Baja

This is an All Wheel Drive front/rear disc brake vehicle. Last year, a friend told me he paid $880.00 at a dealership a year ago to replace all four rotors and brake pads. He couldn’t afford such an expense in the next year. I had him have his brakes checked, and they were verified as all good. For peace of mind, we checked prices on parts, and found it would be less than half.

Last week, he told me his front passenger brake was squealing. I had him have his brakes checked, and the front passenger brakes were metal on metal. Tomorrow, we will change his front brakes, only, at a cost of $150.00 parts, and $25.00 labor. If we were changing front and rear brake pads and rotors, the customer cost would be $350.00 parts and labor. How many of you could use an extra $530.00?

P.S.>>>>>The brake specialist option was about the same as for the Aveo above with the caveat ‘AWD may cost more’. The local mechanic estimate was about $275 parts and labor, but he could not get to it for a two weeks.

Is self repair for you?

It should be. Using the Internet websites, videos, chat, and online expertise, YOU can self repair brakes in no time!

Where did I learn about auto repair?

Back in the day, I would help (hold the flash light, pass the tool, lift the transmission, etc.) and learn from any needy, or not so needy, backyard mechanic. I was a ‘grease monkey’ in every sense of the word, often getting dirtier than those I assisted. The best of the best backyard mechanics was my Grandpa. Although he was focused and fixed on the task at hand, he taught me to smile, laugh, and joke the time away. But, most of all, he taught me to avoid fixing the unbroken, and take pride in fixing the broken!

What lessons did I learn?

I learned to appreciate and value the tools of the trade. The right tools for the job make life so much easier in the short haul, and the long run. No tool will do you any good, if you can’t find it – a place for every tool, and every tool in its place. And, good friends and neighbors have the right tools, too, and will loan them to you, if you are nice, remember to return tools, and loan them your tools as well. A good rule of thumb, much as in swimming: make it a habit not to wade into deep water alone. Look for an expert, or settle for a non-expert assistant!

What examples can I share?

What I learned from Grandpa about auto repair, preventive maintenance, and restoration may be outdated, obsolete, or in today’s terms – ‘outside the box’, but may still come in handy in a pinch. Allow me to share a few simple, and somewhat humorous examples.

  1. “They are thirsty. Give them a drink”. Back in the day, bumpers, hood ornaments, body side moldings, wheel well trim, wheels, hubcaps, and grills were made of chrome which often rusted. A common fix for surface rusted chrome was to rub on, and wipe off, Pepsi and/or Coke soda.
  2. “It’s sick. Give it some aspirin”. Car batteries used to have caps for each cell. Placing a Bayer aspirin in each cell provided enough acid to start a car with a dead battery. The young ladies, and their parents, were so impressed! Not so much today, with sealed batteries.
  3. ”Bird droppings. Get the soda”. Car battery terminals often generate considerable corrosive residue. Scooping tablespoons of ‘Arm and Hammer’ baking soda on each terminal, followed by a warm water rinse cleaned up the terminals nicely. However, watch out below!
  4. “Looking a little dirty. Let’s give it a bath”. Over time, cars can get sun bleached and lose their luster. Saved oil from the ‘Gravely’ tractor (read lawn mower) when rubbed into and wiped off, had enough grit in it to beautifully restore the car finish. Today, the EPA and base coat/clear coat paints may put a damper on that!

So, how do I replace Grandpa?

I can’t! As I grew older, I learned more about auto repair. But, when cars incorporated as many as 13 computers, I stopped doing much more than preventive maintenance for a long while. However, with the advent of the Internet, checklists, videos, and online mechanics, I am back in the business of taking pride in fixing the broken! With very little effort, and today’s technology, almost any person can be successful at auto repair.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates and Quotes

Automobile insurance policies are an important part of driving. Insurance policies can be costly which costs can add up over the years. This makes it important to compare auto insurance rates. These quotes can mean hundreds or even thousands of saved dollars over the term. All it takes is a little more time to save this much money. There are rates out there that can cover everything a driver needs for a lower rate then the average will be. All it takes is a little looking and it can be found in no time.

There are a large amount of car insurance companies and multiple policies available from each company. In these modern times and this means a lot more competition is going on. Each company is competing against many insurance companies and their agents for business and this makes the prices of their car insurance quotes for policies or plans tend to go down each year. Also, cars are becoming safer every year and this means that accidents will cost less which means that insurance companies will charge less. However, it is still important to find the right plan that is the right price in order to save a ton of money in the future.

When comparing these different insurance quotes be careful about which policies you choose from. If a policy seems too good too be true then it just may be. Some cheap car insurance plans may not offer a reasonable amount of insurance policy coverage and this will leave you vulnerable to the costs of damages so compare auto insurance rates. No cheap plans are worth it if they will not cover the damage of the car in most situations. This is the whole point of an insurance so policy if it does not cover enough then it is not worth getting. Another point to look at is the customer service for the policies of these insurance companies. If they are distant and unreliable when talking to them over the phone it can mean bad things. When in an accident it is crucial to have a responsive insurance agent that knows exactly what to do on the line.

These insurance quotes can start out low and go even lower over time with good driving habits. Due to a rise in technology insurance companies can now see how well a driver drives and how likely they are to get into an accident. Avoiding accidents and keeping the car on the road can lead to big deductions on the insurance bill every year. Picking the best policies from the insurance quotes is only half the battle and the other is out there waiting on the road.

Compare auto insurance rates before any more time goes by! There are many different options to choose from that will cover any car in any environment. Simply gather information online, pick the type of insurance that fits the best, get quotes, compare terms, clarify questions with agents, purchase a policy and then rest assured that everything will be insured.

The Best Auto Insurance Rate -TIPS

Ideally, a motor vehicle and car insurance goes hand-in-hand. If one purchases a new vehicle, then he or she must buy coverage for their auto. This means that one will need to deal with an auto insurance company. Since it can get expensive, a lot of people are interested in getting the best rates as possible. This article will enumerate some tips when it comes to getting the best auto insurance rate.

Insurance companies add up a lot of different factors when it comes to determining the right rate for someone. When one is talking to an insurance agent, make sure that one points out related points that can help in getting a lower rate. Here are a few points one can read to increase one’s chance of getting lower rates:

  • Install An Anti-Theft System – Anti-theft devices and alarms are standard for newer cars. If one owns a vehicle that does not have any anti-theft device system, then it is best that one acquires such since insurance company usually gives lower insurance quotes for an auto with anti-theft systems.
  • Bulk Insurance Discounts – If one owns more than one auto, try to ask the company if they offer a bundled discount. Most companies typically offer a discount if someone registers more than one car under their policy.
  • Inquire For Group Discounts – A lot of insurance companies partner with other organizations or businesses to form a kind of discount circle. This means that some firms will give discounts to anyone who is already a member of other businesses within their discount circle such as banks, college affiliations, trade unions or credit cards. This could go a long way toward getting the best auto insurance rate.
  • Credit Rating – Credit rating is a big deal for insurance companies, and they do offer lower coverage rates for people with good credit scores. It is best that one gets a credit rating report and tries to check for errors. If there is an error to be found, make an appeal to correct such errors. Credit report affects a lot of aspects of one’s life aside from getting good rates.
  • Bundle Insurance Discounts – Most companies that offer auto insurance quotes also offer other coverage such as home or disability. It is best that one checks for bundled discounts. Most insurance company will give discounts if one bundles auto and home insurance.
  • Defensive Driving Course – Remember that companies will give someone a specific rate based on the company’s perception of how risky an individual is. The less risk than one can prove to the insurance firm, the lower rates the company can provide. Taking a defensive driving course is one of the ways that one can prove the company that one is not a risk liability thus giving discounts on the insurance rate.

Here are the basic ideas when it comes to getting the best rate

  • Do what you can to prove you are a safe driver and you are not a liability.
  • The more companies you check, the better your chances of finding the best auto insurance rate.
  • Ask for anything that will entitle you to get a discount on your rate.
  • In difficult times like these, it is best that one tries to save money in any way possible. Getting lower rates is definitely on one way to help stretch one paycheck since insurance payments can be getting expensive. Hopefully, by following some of the tips enumerated in this article, one can get a discount on auto insurance. Look for and compare various offerings online and elsewhere for the price and protection against accidents to eliminate paying to much.

    Not All Get – Best Minimum Auto Insurance Required

    Trick Question

    Getting the best minimum auto insurance required by law is a trick question. The minimum amount varies from state to state. The problem is that the minimum amount of car insurance required by law is often not enough.

    Wisconsin has the highest car insurance coverage requirements of the 50 states. Its minimum car insurance allowed is:

    • up to $50,000 payment for bodily injuries of each person
    • up to two injured parties allowed
    • $100,000 maximum bodily injury award
    • $55,000 total property damage highest award amount

    Most other state’s minimum car insurance coverage requirements are considerably less than Wisconsin’s. With medical expenses being what they are, a serious accident with severe personal injuries to an automobile’s occupants could easily eclipse even the standout amounts dictated by the ‘Forward’ state.

    If more than two passengers are involved, damages for personal injuries sustained could quickly escalate even further than that state’s $100,000 amount provided for. It also should be easy to imagine that a serious car accident could often result in property damage far in excess of Wisconsin’s (as well as the other states’) minimum award amounts of $55,000.

    Even before the Great Recession it was expensive to operate and maintain a vehicle in good working order. With the effects of the recent economic doldrums still lingering, many drivers will be opting in on the least amount of car insurance that they can get away with.

    Regular lube, oil, filters, tune-ups, tire rotations, ever skyrocketing fuel costs plus all of the relevant paperwork of registration and insurance, quickly adds up. Prompting some drivers to flout existing insurance requirement laws out of ‘economic necessity’. For those who can afford the best minimum auto insurance required is all they want.

    In this way, the high cost of driving is making criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. Many drivers will continue, others will begin to drive without even looking for quotes on the minimum required insurance.

    Thus taxing the insurance system with the effects of uninsured drivers that get in accidents and cannot pay even close to any minimums. So what happens? They go to jail and begin to stress an already over stressed corrections system.

    The price of being a legit driver is high and getting higher all of the time. Not owning a road worthy vehicle is a source of peer pressure in some circles. Some desperate individuals may be moved to illegal activities other than just driving without insurance. Simply to get by.

    All of these expenses, along with the other minimums of life, like rent and food, quickly max out many budgets. The persistent increases to the overall cost of living, coupled with the above constitute an unseen mechanism that reduces the number of people wanting to buy car insurance.

    This does not even take into account the many uninsured drivers who are in the country illegally. Though some states allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses, most others don’t. While car insurance companies do offer a car insurance plan to illegals, how many of drivers in that category will actually purchase an insurance policy?

    Some with the best minimum auto insurance required. Those that are in good financial condition should definitely pay whatever it takes in higher insurance fees to raise their car insurance policy coverage for personal and property damages. Because even the best driver can err or become a victim of another uninsured and maybe even an undocumented motorist.

    Where is the Cheapest Auto Insurance?


    Every car owner in the nation needs a car insurance policy, which one is the cheapest though? There are many companies out there today claiming to have the cheapest car coverage. How can you tell if they really are though? There is only one way to find the cheapest auto insurance and this is doing the work, the searching. There are so many ways to find car insurance that the consumer should have no trouble finding one that they find cheapest. Begin by doing a general search on an online search engine, there will be many companies to click on. Remember, if it is too cheap it may be what it seems. After all, you’re still buying an auto insurance policy. Many companies will give you a quote instead of a general price. That is one way to know that you have indeed found the cheapest auto insurance that is also legitimate. The fact is, no matter how little you use your car it is illegal to drive without a car insurance policy and it is well worth the time you put in to find the best and cheapest one that fits your needs.

    The Search

    Along with the internet there are many other resources you can use to find auto insurance. You can start by looking in your local paper for any or even just asking friends. Another great way to find some cheap car insurance is to search your phone book. Phone books often include ads from the companies, which usually can give you an idea that they have been around even before calling. If you are not using the internet to search, you’ll need to call the companies to get quotes. If you do use the internet, most companies offer quotes within a few seconds to a few minutes. When you call the companies be prepared to supply them with information about you such as your social security number and address, how many cars you own and other common information like that. Having all of that information ready will speed up the process for you. Another important reminder is take care if you pick the first company you contact, with any big purchase you will want to shop around first to make sure you are getting the best deal and making the right choice. Car insurance is a must for any vehicle owner so it is important that you take the time to choose the best firm possible, one that will also cater to your price range and which type of benefits you will need with that insurance policy. It may not be too easy to find that cheap golden opportunity but it is possible. There are many car insurance companies that offer low rates and are indeed the cheapest it just takes some time and perseverance to find. With effort anyone could find the cheapest company that is perfect for them. When looking for the cheapest auto insurance don’t for get to compare rates from many providers as you are shopping. Check info on the deductible differences and all other information from each provider and save.

    Find Best Auto Insurance Quickly

    Easiest Way to Compare Auto Insurance Rates

    There is a way that you cut your car insurance rates and cut your monthly expenses. If you have shopped around and received the quotes, you will surprised that there are other car insurance companies that you can receive a discount from them. Here are some ways to receive a discount on your car insurance and lower your monthly payment. If there are any discounts that apply, and often they do not, then you need to pay for the insurance costs with no savings. This is when you need to purchase the Best Auto Insurance policy. If you have homeowners combined with your car insurance policy, then you should ask them for a discount. Another way you can get the Best Auto Insurance is ask them if they offer a good driving record if they have one. This is true if you get good grades if you a student.

    The premium that you pay will be different when you choose a different deductible. These are very competitive nowadays as you should choose the one that has a lower deductible. These things that you need to consider if you have reduction in your insurance policy. Things like front seat air bags, a braking system, a built in lock system, and daytime running lights. These options can save some money, and sometimes you do not realize it. This is why you need to get plenty of insurance offerings because some companies do not offer these. Be sure to mention that you have taken a drivers training course, and you have passed all these with good grades, then you should get a discount.

    Do Some Comparison Shopping

    To save money you should mention that you car pool, and do not put many miles on your car. As they offer discounts if you drive your car below the number miles per year. This can make a big difference in how much you pay as these are big savings. Getting the most with your car insurance rates is to check them online. This is an easy method and it is the fastest way. Simply sign in, and you can receive several different insurance quotes all at one time. Get several different quotes in a matter of minutes by simply signing in, as you can do this within a short period of time. To help you get the best possible price, you need to receive a couple of different quotes from many insurance carriers.

    It is important for you to avoid legal actions when you purchase car insurance. Without the proper insurance you cannot operate a vehicle, and you will forced to pay a fine. To make sure that you have the insurance that you need, and this is to protect you and your automobile, you need to get these quotes online as this is to way to make a wise decision. This is something that you need to have when you are operating a vehicle. Learn how to get the Best Auto Insurance it only takes a few minutes.

    Several Ways To Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

    When seeking to get the best car insurance policy for someone it is very important to take into consideration every part of the insurance policy. There are many ways in which to compare auto insurance quotes. There are plenty of great companies who say that they have the lowest price with the best insurance, but doing homework rather than just trusting what a commercial says can be of great benefit. When it is time to switch providers or signing for new insurance, an auto insurance firm will have several ways in which to deliver a quote which should then be compared to others to get the best option for the individual.

    Online Comparison

    The first way in which to get a quote for car insurance is to go online to several different sites, which should be known and trusted companies. Certain of these will list other companies prices on their site but these are not always accurate so they should not be relied upon. Online is an option which most people choose to use today. This option is easy and allows you to compare auto insurance quotes which will most of time be directly emailed to the person requesting it. Once responses from each company has been received, then seeing which offers the coverage needed and the best price for the needed budget.

    Over The Phone Comparison

    Phone calls are perfect for someone who is looking to have everything completely explained about the insurance policies. Each insurance policy will fit for different individuals. When speaking with the representative over the phone is it good to write all of the information down which will allow for better checking but it best to have them provide their own documentation. When speaking over the phone it is very important to not believe what they have to say about their competition; because it is their competitor and so they may say things which may not accurate. By calling yourself and hearing their own quotes it will enable the complete and accurate knowledge. When comparing insurance quotes over the phone it is best to not settle when the person on the phone is trying to get a yes immediately.

    Online Tools

    As well as comparing each company alone, through the designated business site, there are also tools which ensure your getting the best prices and coverage for each person. These tools will aide and assist in finding the quote best fit for each individual. Using the tools it is a free option which will make it easier for who ever is using it to check prices side by side with the options needed.

    There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a car insurance policy. Taking on a ton of information can be overwhelming, but doing the homework and getting the best rate can ease later stresses. It is not well known to everyone but it is true that credit scores will change the price of the rate given. Credit is everything. Even your insurance could be affected. Take the time to compare auto insurance quotes. Don’t fail to each term for all proposed policies, consider rates or premiums, plan details like the deductible, the benefits provided for accidents in your examination of all free insurance policies quotes available.

    Getting the best discount on Auto Insurance

    Car insurance is one of the most important purchases that you will make for several reasons; however, it can get very expensive to purchase insurance. But, getting a car insurance policy is necessary because it protects us from having to pay for future damages if we were to get into an accident. This article will describe some of the different types of car insurance plans available, and how to not over spend money on your auto insurance.

    Types of Policies

    Personal Injury Liability: This type of auto insurance policy is one of the most common types of insurance protection chosen by drivers. This type of policy covers to pay for the medical expenses of another person if the injuries were inflicted by you. This protection also covers to pay for the price of any legal compensation if you cause suffering to another driver.

    Property Damage Liability: This type of insurance pays for any damage caused to another person’s property. For example, if you were to get into a crash and damage someone else’s car, then this coverage pays to have that car fixed.

    Personal Injury Protection: One of the most popular policies available, the PIP covers for the expense of your own medical expenses if you were to get into a collision. In addition to paying for your medical expenses, this plan covers for rehabilitation, funeral costs and daycare for children if you are unable to care for them.

    Collision: This type of insurance covers for any damage caused to your own vehicle if you are to get into a collision with another car, object or if your automobile suffers a rollover.

    Comprehensive: This type of protection pays for the damage that is caused to your vehicle by: fire, theft, vandalism, hail, wind and natural disasters and risk.

    How to Save Money on your Automobile Insurance

    Compare the quotes: One way to save money when insuring your vehicle is to compare the different quotes offered by the companies. Most companies put low affordable estimates of the cost of insuring the vehicle on their website, so in order to cut back on the expense of insuring your vehicle, you should see which company offers the best deals on insuring your automobile online to save time.

    Shop for savings: Another way to minimize the premium of insuring your vehicle is to try to shop around for discounts.

    Here is a list of potential discounts:

    Good student discounts: This type of discount for teen drivers is awarded to good students who can maintain at least a B average in all of their classes. The reason why this is offered is because good students are much more responsible; therefore, they are a low risk in the eyes of the provider of getting into a crash.

    Safe driving savings: This is a discount that is given out to people who are able to go 6 months or more without suffering any accidents. If you take a safe driving course, you can get additional savings from your insurance company because your chances of getting into a crash are diminished; thus, minimizing the price of your coverage. There are multiple options to save such as multiple cars or more than one driver. I hope this helps with the cheapest or at least affordable rates. Go here for discounts on auto insurance.

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